Here’s what the City of Sarasota is researching on our bayfront

Staffers with the City of Sarasota’s Neighborhood and Development Services department are right now working hard to compile a detailed report on a huge range of factors that will influence the next round of discussions about what possibilities exist on our bayfront.

Scheduled to be completed in September, the report will touch on everything from stormwater outflows to existing leases, and will be combined with the needs assessments currently being done by the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center and the Sarasota Orchestra to guide Sarasota Bayfront 20:20’s next phase.

Here’s what city staffers are up to. They are:

  • Reviewing documents for any existing reports related to property contamination
  • Providing a summary of existing leases and lease conditions and mapping those
  • Reviewing and mapping viewshed corridor restrictions
  • Reviewing and summarizing all submerged land or other state restrictions on development, including at the 10th Street boat basin
  • Gathering existing information about stormwater outflows
  • Providing an update on the plans for roundabouts at 10th Street and 14th Street
  • Gathering any relevant details on historic districts or structures
  • Coordinating with the city’s Urban Design Studio to evaluate how their project will affect the bayfront
  • Outlining the city’s Multi-Use Recreational Trail
  • Researching new flood zones described by updated Federal Emergency Management Agency maps
  • Researching whether there are any grant requirements or restrictions on upland parking at the 10th Street boat basin
  • Summarizing all development restrictions related to the former G. Wiz property and any nearby submerged lands
  • Reviewing and mapping all utilities
  • Mapping the Florida Power & Light site on the property and any restrictions related to it

“We’re pleased to be part of the Bayfront 20:20 collaboration,” says City Manager Tom Barwin. “City staff is enthusiastically working to provide the stakeholder group with critical information that will be needed as the community moves forward with discussions about possibly developing an improved cultural park along the bayfront. As the vision sharpens, it will be important to understand opportunities and potential synergies, as well as existing site development restrictions along the bayfront corridor. We continue to appreciate all of the citizen volunteer hours and contributions being made toward envisioning an even brighter future for Sarasota.”

To read or download the memo from Neighborhood and Development Services Director Timothy Litchet to Deputy City Manager Marlon Brown outlining his department’s goals and process, click here.