IMPORTANT: The Bay Open House Sessions

Hello, Bayfront 20:20 Stakeholders!

What an exciting week we have had! Thanks to all of the Bayfront 20:20 Stakeholders who took the time to participate in The Bay Open House sessions with the Sasaki planning team. It was great to see a majority of you participating in these sessions.

At yesterday’s Bayfront 20:20 Stakeholders meeting, it was suggested that we send everyone the link to the Sasaki Open House presentation boards and The Bay survey. We have included the links and “Boards” below.

It is suggested that people review the “Boards” before doing the survey.

As I requested to all at our meeting, in order for of us to “Get To Yes” in September, we are requesting that all Bayfront Stakeholders forward the “Boards” and the Survey link to all members of your organizations immediately. The survey period will end in about 10 days. Feel free to post the link on any social media platforms that you may have access to as well. Our goal is to get at least 3000 survey responses and we need all Stakeholders to help!

We are also happy to announce that Sarasota Mayor Shelli Freeland Eddie will hold her first-ever Digital Town Hall this Saturday to discuss how the revitalization of the 53-acre Bayfront property will become an “enlivened, cultural destination with open, public access to the Bayfront for all of Sarasota.”

Saturday, February 10, 2018
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Facebook Live will be here:

Please join the Facebook Live Town Hall and comment on what you’d like to see take shape along the bayfront!

The Sasaki team will be very busy during the next ten weeks absorbing all of the community’s input as their work on the Master Plan continues. They will be back in Sarasota to meet with all of us during the week of April 16. The Sarasota Bayfront Planning Organization is working on forums and formats for that week, and as soon as plans are in place, we will provide you with those details along with a notice that you can share in your communications with your members, colleagues, and neighbors.

Please use all your resources to engage your organizations!

Click here for Sasaki Presentation Boards (suggested to review before doing the survey).

Click here for the link to the survey:

Best regards,
Michael Klauber
Bayfront 20:20 Chairman

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