Stakeholder Spotlight: The Lido Key Residents Association

Meet the organizations that have signed on to support Sarasota Bayfront 20:20!

The Lido Key Residents Association
PO Box 884, Sarasota, 34230

How long has your organization been around? The Lido Key Residents Association (LKRA) was formed in 1972.

Who are your board members and/or leadership? 

  • President: Carl Shoffstall
  • Vice President: Laura Bryg
  • Treasurer: Mary Malaney
  • Directors: John Lambert, Beth Dillworth, Bruce Abramowitz, George Hafit, Mary Jaworski, Jasbir Hayre, John Kirker and Camille Schwabe

How many members do you have? 730

What’s your mission? The LKRA seeks to foster community involvement among our residents in order to maintain and enhance the quality of life on Lido Key for all residents and our many visitors.

What are your hopes for the future of the bayfront? To act in concert with other groups who share the desire to improve the bayfront’s public access implement programs and activities for residents and visitors at the same time monitoring roads, parks and vegetation while preserving the beauty and safety of the city.